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Over the years, MAGIK TOURS has sent hundreds of clients on wine tours throughout Europe, adapting to their level of interest in and experience with viniculture. Recently, we added Argentina to the list, when we developed a discovery tour of Argentina that included a tour of the Mendoza wine region. Our tours range from introductory tours of vineyards to indepth tours including courses on winemaking and wine tasting. Here are some highlights:


  • France: When you think of French wine, what comes to mind? Bordeaux, of course! After two nights in Paris, you're off to discover the Bordeaux wine region. We've given you a half-day tour of the town, and left you free to decide what you would like to do for your next three days. Enjoy dinner on a vineyard, from $92 including transportation, a tour, dinner, and wine tasting. Or, for the creative types, learn to make your own wine and bring home a personalised bottle, also from $92 including transportation, a tour of the vineyard, workshop, wine tasting, and your take-home bottle.

  • Spain: Discover Spain's most famous wine regions of Rioja and Ribeira del Duero. Visit no less than five vineyards for tours and winetasting, including one lunch on a vineyard; tour famous museums and Cathedrals; enjoy a gala dinner in Madrid; receive a certificate of completion at the end of your tour! ​


  • Argentina: Our seven day introductory tour of Argentina includes a full day discovering of her major exports: wine. On day 5 of our Argentina tour, enjoy a full day excursion to discover local wines of the famous Mendoza region. On day 6, tour Mendoza city, the capital city of Mendoza province. 

  • Portugal: Wine tasting in Douro, Dao and Bairrada, and port tasting in Vila Nova de Gaia. And of course incredible cuisine throughout. Let MAGIK TOURS develop the perfect Portuguese wine tour for you and your friends!  

  • Italy: Two words: Villa. Tuscany. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Let MAGIK TOURS book you an incredible villa in Tuscany, and we'll also suggest our favourite vineyards for you to go visit. ​​


  1. Wine tours quickly become addictive, but we want our clients to have a new, unique experience each time they book one. Ask us about spending the night at some of our favourite vineyards throughout Spain and Portugal. 

  2. When booking a villa in Tuscany, renting a car is a must. You'll want to drive around the countryside and into some of the larger cities, like Florence. But, that doesn't mean you have to drive to nearby vineyards. We can arrange private transportation or group tours that will pick you up on the days you decide to go wine tasting. 

  3. Take notes and impress all your friends upon your return!

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